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My iphone 4 notified me that a software update was available for my device in Settings - General - Software Update. I downloaded the update via WiFi at home, let it go through all the necessary steps and halfway through installing the update it put my phone in recovery mode and told me to connect my phone to Itunes. I did so and Itunes told me that my phone was in recovery mode and had to be restored to it's factory settings. I was angered at this message because this has happened before on my Iphone 3G a few years ago. When this happened before I had to plug my Iphone 3G into someone else's computer and format the iphone. Which caused me to lose all of my pictures and contacts. I would really like to solve this issue some other way this time. I have pictures and contacts that I need on this phone and don't want to have to format it.. THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN! If I can't get this resolved soon and am forced to format my phone AGAIN, I will no longer use any Apple products. This is ridiculous.

iPhone 4, iOS 7