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The AirPlay feature is not functioning on my new iPad. After Apple support walked me through to reset AppleTV box, iPad Air and even my NetGear wifi router...after all those steps performed, AirPlay feature still not shows up.

My SamSung Smart TV, AppleTV box, iPad Air all are logged in/connected with my home WiFi network.

Normally, when an iPad plays a movie, there should be a AirPlay icon next to 'Play' button, but on my iPad that AirPlay icon never shows up.


Did anyone experience same problem like I'm having now? I want to mirror pictures, movies to SamSung SmartTV using iPad Air via AppleBox.


I suspect that installation of XBCM app prevents AirPlay to function? Is that true?


If I replace my NetGear WiFi router with Apple Extreme, will feature AirPlay work?


Thanks in advance for all your feedback.