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This is pretty basic, so I must be missing someething.  I've used Pro Tools where I select a region and then call up the Audio Suite pitch shifter, move the slider a little, preview it and hit OK and done.  The region has been pitched without impacting on the timing at all and it sounds great.


In Logic, I see no option like this. I can add Pitch Shifter, but that impacts the entire track and it also sounds pretty terrible, with little pops and distortion.  Not sure the point of that.  Nothing close to how good it sounds in Pro Tools. 


So wondering what I am missing here as I'm sure it must be possible.

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    Open the region in the sample edit window and use the time pitch machine.

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    This sounds promising, but when you say "open the region in the sample edit window", do you mean the window I get when I double click on the region, because I don't see a menu item to do this.


    Then, where do I find this Time Pitch Machine?  Because again, no menu for it that I can find.

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    I use Logic 9.1.8. The factory menu is second from the right after you double click the region. If you're in v.10 you may need to anable the advanced features.

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    Yes, in LPX you need to turn on all the advanced features under Logic preferences/Advanced.


    Then select the Audio region, click on the Editors button in the Icon bar... (or simply double click on the audio region) click on File in the Editor's top bar... and go to the Editor's Functions menu and select Time & Pitch Machine entry....


    This screenshot may help....


    Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 15.21.43.png

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    Okay, this is helpful.  Thanks.  Only problem is, it lead to a suprisingly crazy course of events that nearly wrecked my project.  So I copied a region and pasted it to another area in order to work on that region only.  I used the Time Pitch Machine as suggested.  I used the Cents option to make adjustments, previewed and then made the pitch change.  Listened and it was done, although I have to say, it did not sound perfectly clean.  Let's leave that for a moment though.


    When I went elsewhere in the project to listen to the original region to compare, that region had also been pitched.  What???  I only selected the copied region, but clearly that's not how it works, which is insane to me.


    So then I hit undo and nothing changed the pitching.  Why doesn't undo get me back as it was?  Having not hit save, I then reverted to the previous save, but in that save, the region was stil pitched.  I went back to a save from yesterday and the region was still pitched.  What???  Luckily, I have a seperate .wav file of that audio I could re-import, which I did and that got me back to the start, but I'm pretty flipped out that Logic would destruct my audio permanantly without any option to undo or revert.  And why does the pitch machine impact on other instances of the region in the project.  That's just nuts to me and certainly not how Pro Tools works.  What's going on?


    Sorry for sounding upset, but this was a pretty shocking.  Further assistance is much appreciated so I can avoid this happening.  Thanks.

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    Quick note:


    There is an multiple step undo for the wave editor and therefore TPM, under the edit menu in the editor.... (Not the main LPX menu bar but the Wave Editor menu bar itself)


    I'm not a heavy user of TPM myself so I'd best leave further help to someone more skilled in it's use than I....

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    Okay, I got some great info on this from a Logic expert who is a friend of a friend.  Turns out, the issue is that something I take for granted in Pro Tools, does not happen in Logic and for me, that's really wierd.  In PT, when you copy and paste a region, you can do anything to it without impacting on other instances because it makes a copy of the region automatically in the background.


    In Logic, this just doesn't happen.  You need to copy and paste a selection and then make a copy of it by invoking that command, then saving using the normal save dialogue box and then you can pitch it without it impacting on other instances.  What a kerfluffle!  So for me, in terms of working process, that's terrible.


    Also, having done an A-B of the pitched output, the sound quality of the Logic output was noticeably inferior to the PT output, which was much cleaner.  So, interesting to learn all this.