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Mac OS X

I am working on cleaning up my Aperture libraries and merging duplicate libraries or others which should be.  I opened one of the year  2008 images after upgrading the library as needed, and got what you see below.  I have reprocessed and done all the usual troubleshooting.  Before I import a possibly duplicate library to this one, I'd like to clean it up.  I don't mind, even, exporting the images and starting fresh but would prefer not to lose the work done.


The library has 14,785 images and is approximately 12G in size.  When I put it in Photos view and list of photos this is what I get:



images list.jpg


so each is taking up MG of space but they're not showing anything - when I click on one it opens to a black screen.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 17G RAM