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Hey everyone,

Recently I had to reinstall itunes, and since I reinstalled it the programme does not recognize when I'm connected to the internet.

As a result the ishop, CDDB Gracenote etc. simply do not work, as itunes claims that I am not connected to the internet (even though I am!).

I'm sure this is a relatively simple problem to fix...can anyone help me?

Cheers people,


Dell Inspiron 6000, Windows XP, Laptop
  • pac_80 Level 6 Level 6 (10,100 points)
    Do you have any norton products, like norton antivirus, system works, internet security?

    Sometimes when you reinstall iTunes, you have to reset settings in norton products and some other programs like Mcafee. Some norton products come with a "Worm Protecter" and you have to go into the settings, remove iTunes from the list, then readd it
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    I might have found a solution,that works for me with windows XP. First restart the computer and don't start up itunes. Open Norton Internet Security and click on Status and Settings. Then click on personal firewall and then click on Configure, and click on the Programs tab. Scroll through the list of programs until you have goten to Apple itunes. Change the interntet Access to Permit All. Once you have saved these settings start up itunes. That worked for me. Please tell me if this helps anyone.
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    Thank You!! This worked for me too! I updated Itunes today and suddenly I couldn't get into the music store, spent hours trying to figure out what happened. I had no problem before my update. I appreciate the detailed help that walked me through exactly what to do.