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somanna Level 1 (110 points)

Hello to all!


Have been busy for the past three weeks on a road trip to shoot video for my upcoming projects. In the meanwhile, there has literally been a lot of water that has passed beneath the bridge [In UK it is the case with many bridges!] as far as our dear old FCPX [which is being renewed every few months in an almost miraculour manner] is concerned!


I am presently in a dilemma! I already have about 4 projects all prepared for finishing touches on my timeline and have my camera's belly full of video clips needed for addition to these projects. From what little I have read of this new upgrade, I understand that there will be a drastic change in which projects and events will be reorganised and placed under a new heading 'LIBRARY'. Should I ignore this upgrade for a while and proceed upon 'known territory' in getting out the unfinished projects, or should I go in for the upgrade straightaway? I know that the decision has to be mine but I seek counsel from experienced members of this forum.


Eagerly looking forwards for pearls!

iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9), garage band, FCPX:10.0.9 version
  • Alchroma Level 6 (18,265 points)

    This will assist in knowing what's going on:


    Some users have had no major issues updating, others not so lucky.


    It's important to know and understand the consequences of updating.


    Personally I've isolated 10.0.9 and and all associated Events and Projects.


    You may even consider a dual boot option (seperate drive) with a clean install of Mavericks and FCXP X 10.1.



  • somanna Level 1 (110 points)

    Thanks for your help. I have gone to the threads referred to in the post you have directed me to and have bookmarked them. More work is in store for my 'greying' gray cells! Before this 'LIBRARY' feature was out, I felt I had 'come to terms' in understanding the basics of managing my data and archiving them...almost having reached 'HOME' in a 'snake and ladders' game. But now, I feel that I have been swallowed up by this [?] 'LIBRARY SNAKE' and deposited once again at the starting position! Well, well: 'ON MY MARK, GET SET, GO'!

  • Russ H Level 7 (20,300 points)

    It's a bit maddening that some people have great results and others terrible experiences after upgrading. Wish someone had identified a factor to be able tell you in advance which category you're likely to fall into; but not (although from researching, it does appear that those who do clean installs of the OS fare better than those who update.)


    In the meantime, what Al said…isolate 10.0.9 and copies of your "old (not updated) events and projects. (FWIW, the dual boot solution  he mentions is the path I chose.)


    Also, if you have many projects (as I think you do) consider updating in smaller steps so you don't wind up with a humongous library. Philip Hodgetts' blog discusses doing this with Event Manager.



  • Luis Sequeira1 Level 6 (9,550 points)

    If you have any important project going on, finish it first (it is a very good rule not to update in the middle of something important).


    Learn to use the new 10.1. It looks like you have started already.

    Its new media management, based on Libraries, is what it should have been all along. It is very easy, and very flexible. It is *different*, for the better.


    To be safe, keep a zipped copy of 10.0.9; when you start 10.1 it will ask if you want to update your projects.

    (You may use Event Manager X to hide some, and for instance just update one or two for the moment).

    When asked if you want to keep or trash your old projects, keep them for now. They will be set aside in a folder "Older Projects" (this may not be the exact name, but you get the point).


    Work a bit on the new version. If all goes well, update your other projects.

  • somanna Level 1 (110 points)

    Thanks Russ for chipping in!


    I would like to know what is meant by 'clean installs'!


    I do have CCC to do daily backups of my primary drive which contains all of my camera footage, events, projects and movies to a different drive. Guess I should disconnect this drive before going in for the upgrade.


    I have my internal HD being backed up by the regular TM to a different volume and also use CCC to backup the internal HD to a separate drive on a weekly basis. Both of these backups are 'bootable' [ I remember them to be 'bootable' but now I have no 'fresh knowledge' of what that means...but, don't worry, I will learn of it whenever needed.



    Russ H wrote:


    Also, if you have many projects (as I think you do) consider updating in smaller steps so you don't wind up with a humongous library. Philip Hodgetts' blog discusses doing this with Event Manager.


    This above detail is certainly worth its weight in gold...though I do not yet know what 'humongous' is, yet I can sense what you are teaching me.


    Guess I should hide my events and projects with Event Manager, and bring them out bit by bit, learn how to 'librarise' them with the new version, and then 'shift gears' to get an 'unhumongous' library!


    After posting this reply I am going to look up at what 'humongous' means!


    Have a truly great day Russ.

  • somanna Level 1 (110 points)

    The dictionary teaches: humongous steak...a large chunk! EEK! I am mostly vegetarian and don't eat steak!

  • somanna Level 1 (110 points)

    Thanks Luis for joining. Have not yet upgraded but have started studying what it has to offer. Guess I am catching on as to what to expect. One good thing about this new version as far as I am concerned is this: it will 'FORCE' me to be organised! Becoming more and more busy with newer and newer projects, I have been paying lesser attention to this important matter.


    Have a great day.

  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)

    In my experience with the conversion, the most important thing to be aware of is that 10.1 will create a Library on any disk volume where either your previous Events were stored, or your Projects folder, or both if they initially are on the same volume/disk at the time of upgrade.


    I initially clicked to allow all such assets to be converted, but since the default for Projects had been to store them in the Movies folder of my boot volume, FCPX found there was not enough space on that volume to support the conversion process.  You can either point FCPX to a single volume to start the upgrade to a Library, or you can allow all to be done, if sufficient space exists on all such volumes.


    In my case I chose this moment to revert to pre-upgrade status on my Events, and in the Finder move the Projects folder from the boot drive to my TBolt drive where my Event were stored, and upon which I would always have preferred that the Project be as well.  Once that move was done, I clicked to have 10.1 upgrade to the new Library configuration.  I view this as bonus to the upgrade, since I was needing to deal with the swelling Projects storage requirement on the boot drive.


    Projects created prior to Upgrade will all be in a folder named Updated Projects, and not within the Events, but subsequently created Projects will each be in the Event you were using when you created them -- much more logical, in my opinion.



  • Searchin99 Level 1 (40 points)

    I was in your same shoes a couple weeks ago and took it very slow and easy. Baby steps. Searched and read a lot.


    1. Read the posts here and see what others have encountered. Issues will tend to fall into major groups - downloading the Application, starting to use it, and those who are using it but have questions about certain aspects. There are also posts about earlier versions and also an occasionally misplaced FCP 6 post.


    2. Check out the various Apple documents available and there are a lot of them. There is some overlap between them but each one has something in it to offer. The last one is lengthy but good. It can also be good at puting you to sleep! Some of these are more useful than others and it depends on what answers you're looking for.


    FCPX FAQs (good pre-purchase pre-purchase answers)


    Version 10.1 Release Notes (lists the changes between versions)


    What's new in 10.1


    How to back up important files before updating


    FCPX Help: Update projects and events to 10.1 (Also a good place to put in search words)


    Updating and Working with Libraries FAQs


    Troubleshooting basics (11 step list for avoiding problems or trying to fix things on your own)


    Managing Media with FCPX Libraries ("the" White Paper)


    3. Back Up. That's what they all say, but video files are HUGE so it is a case of "easer said than done". If one doesn't have unlimited file space then the trick will be how to do this. Burning some items to a DVD is one way to save material but, again, video files are huge.


    4. On-Line Tutorials: There are several available, if one can come up with the right search terms, that show how to get started. Some of those also are the beginning of a string of tutorials and the author would like you to subscribe, that's fine and I won't comment any more on that, but at least watch the first tutorial on how to get started.


    5. Preping the Computer: It seems a lot of those that have problems may, and I use this word carefully because I don't know for sure, have limited computer capacity. Hey, the video files are HUGE! (have I said this before?) Most people have been dealing with little bitty files - documents, pdf, pictures, and watching stuff on-line. Once you leave the little stuff and get into video editing you're talking r-e-a-l-l-y B-I-G files. And, if that isn't enough, the new OSX system is designed to make optimum use of the computer to help speed processing. You need to free up ALL the resources you can.


    a. Clean house of files, especially on computers that have been used for quite awhile. There is lots of garbage put on there in the way of everything from cookies to little pictures, etc. from all the web sites that have been visited. The computer keeps all kinds of information we don't even know about. Short of wiping the SSD or HD clean and starting over with a fresh install, at least one can clean what you can and create space.


    b. Stop unnecessary processes: For myself, I prefer to disconnect my Internet cable. My Mac Pro does not have Wi-Fi and I don't use it for email or web surfing. It is only for video processing. My Mac Book Pro, on the other hand, is for all that other stuff and I use it only for, shall we say, emergency video processing, like when I'm away from home. When I get back home I clean it of the video stuff and it is happier.


    c. Terminology: There is one term I kept coming across: "Volume". This has nothing to do with hearing. I've come across it before but didn't have to know what it means. Basically, it means something like a SSD, HD, or something that acts like one, like a partition, for example.


    d. FCPX seems to like lots of space to work in so if the drive is fairly full then looking at a larger drive or another drive would be helpful. Some way to offload stuff and free up space is to err on the side of the angles.


    Note: I'm just getting started on my first Library Project and encountered a problem importing an older X.9 video project (was "protected" from being "updated") and I'm trying to troubleshoot my workflow. So, basically, everybody's mileage may vary.


    This is a great place to find answers to problems.


    Hope this helps a bit and good luck. (I don't mean that facetiously )

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    Hello there Ernie! Glad to have your valuable input! Your experience while upgrading will certainly be of help to all of us who are on the verge of upgrading.


    I would like to point out my present workflow: I have my events on a FW 2TB Lacie and do my projects on my 1TB Thunderbolt. When done, I move the finished project to the LaCie. I know that I need to finish all my current projects, move them away from the Thunderbolt, and then upgrade. When I do upgrade, I know it will be a new experience altogether...akin to leaving behind your 'old car' and driving a new one. Will take some time for one to become 'comfortable' driving the new car provided Apple does not present us with another of its 'new car gifts'!


    Dr. Somanna

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    Hello Searchin99! May a rosy day shine upon you! Thanks for the pains you have taken to give such an exhaustive and detail-filled reply. I have this hunch that you are in the teaching profession, if not, you should!


    Thanks for all the various thread-references. I have already read some and will also pay attention to the others.




    Dr. Somanna

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    Hello to all! I follow Larry Jordan's teachings on FCPX and this learned and dedicated professional has brought out a series of videos on this upgrade; the You Tube link is:



    Hope this will be an excellent resource for all members who are in need of these.


    Dr. Somanna

  • Casimir Artmann Level 1 (0 points)
  • somanna Level 1 (110 points)

    Thanks for your helpfulness.


    Thanks for mentioning this site in your blog:



    The above mentioned site has 10 wonderful videos regarding this new upgrade done by a very jolly pair of experts: Mark Spencer and Steve Martin.

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