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A while back I upgraded to iMovie 10 and when I opened it it asked me to convert and upgrade my projects.  I chose to do so but it ran into an error after about the 10th project in my list of 15 projects.  So I created a folder called oldimovieprojectfolders and moved all iMovie Project files into it, except the first one I could see that iMovie was able to convert when processing. 


Sure enough it worked and finished converting my one project and Im able to see it in my iMovie 11 now.


The problem is that now I need other projects converted.  So when I open iMovie 11 and choose Update Projects and Events, it doesnt find any of the old projects even after I took the one I wish to convert today and moved it from the oldimoviesprojectsfolder to the iMovie Projects folder.


How can I make iMovie recognize that old project in iMovie Project folder?

MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9), Late 2012
  • brenden dv Community Specialists Community Specialists

    Hi santiagofrommiami,


    If you are having issues updating your previous iMovie projects, you may find the following article helpful:


    iMovie (2013): Updating projects and events from previous versions of iMovie




    - Brenden

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    If you look into your iMovie projects and events folder you will find that iMovie version10 (it is version 10, iMovie '11 = imove v.9) has added an empty file named something like "updated to imovie  ....." in order that it doesn't update the same projects twice.


    If you trash this folder in both the projects and events folders, iMovie 10 will be able to update them.  Of course you need to temporarily hide the projects and events which you have already successfully updated.


    You probably have a single project or event which is causing the problem so I would advise updating just one project at a time.  You will get a new library for each in iMovie 10 but you can sort this out afterwards.