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Is it possible to use 3 screens in the new FCP X 10.1?


I have a 2010 Mac Pro with 3 display ports on the card (1 DVI and 2 MDP).


In Premiere I can easily assign program view to my HDMI TV and the timeline+bins accross my 2 x 23" Cinema Displays but I can find any way of doing that in FCP X 10.1


If it's not possible with my current Mac Pro will it be possible with my new Mac Pro due in February?


Any help would be appreciated.



Reply by Michael C on Jan 16, 2014 6:04 AM Helpful

I use 3 monitors, 2 @ 24" and 1 30" with 2 AMD 5770's  but FCP x will only actually use 2 of them.  You can show your Viewer & Angles on the second monitor but you can't send it to your third.  It is handy to have the 3rd monitor to have other applications running on but right now FCP won't use more than two of them.  I was running 4 monitors for a while but with that much realestate I kept loosing my cursor!

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