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Setup a server as a local file server, no other services, last year and have been getting the following message "Certificate Expires Soon - The following certificate is about to expire on your server" I have updated the certificate to no avail.  It also indicates something about the profile manager, but we are not using it either.  Any help would be appreciated. 


Sometimes I miss the old simple AppleShare server.



Mac mini, OS X Server
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    That's Push Notification services. Go to Server.app > Computer (under Hardware) > Settings > Enable push notifications > Edit… and renew it there. If that fails to fix things change the certificate (it doesn't matter if you use the same Apple ID).

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    Still no go.  I created a new certificate with an expiration a few decades from now and deleted the other certificates and I still get the 10 notifications each day.  I guess I will just cut the notification off again for now.


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