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When I first open my project sometimes some of the graphics have problems. I don't know if I would call it corrupted, but here is what is going on:


I created lower thirds in Live Type, and the graphic will play, but the color background of the lower third disappears--so all that is left is the font for the person's name and our logo. If I right click on the LiveType clip in the Timeline and "reconnect media" the file will restore the background but then I have to re-render. Pain!!


I use Photoshop files with layers in my Final Cut projects. When I open the project sometimes these graphics turn white and I get an error message: this Lahered Photoshop file was not saved with a composite image." If I reconnect the media, the file is fine.


Any thoughts as to why this is happening? I know Live Type is an older program but I still use it. And for complicated graphics like maps, I like to use Photoshop...


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Mac OS X (10.7.3), FCP 7
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    Well, the good news is LiveType is apparently fine; it's fixing the problem.


    You say nothing about how often you "clean up" your system and it can make a difference. Quirky behavior (and that's what it looks like from here) could be a result not restarting routinely, not repairing permissions, etc.


    If your system is spic and span, it's possible that FCP's underlying project database is breaking up. This can cause some very odd behavior. Try copying your timeline into a new project and see if the re-linking is required. If your project is large and complex, break it up into multiple sequences. Using nesting can prevent issues with inadvertently altering composited items.


    If your "Layered Photoshop files" are PSDs because you need transparancy, consider using PNG files instead.

    There are a few places where PSDs are actually needed, but there are also a lot of things to go wrong.


    hope this helps