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I'm updating my audio system in my house (last done 9 years ago :-) ) and thinking about getting a Denon AVR with Airplay that I can choose as one of the zone 2 source outputs to my Nuvo whole house audio system.  I would like to also get one or two Apple TVs, one of which will be connected to the Denon to play movies and music in the room where the Denon lives and the other Apple TV(s) in other room(s) in the house.  I currently use a PC laptop and have a nice library of iTunes music but am thinking to make this work smoothly I will buy a Mac laptop of some variety.  My iTunes music is on a Network hardrive in my house and so was hoping to keep that there and access that library from my new Mac laptop.  So, the goal is to be able to pick which Apple TV/airplay device I want to stream iTunes music to from my laptop and wasn't sure if this was even possible with up to 3 different apple TV/airplay devices?  If needed I have the ability to hardwire in all the components with standard ethernet.  Is this even possible???  Thanks!!

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Everything you mention is possible and whilst a new Mac would be nice it wouldn't be necessary.


    A couple of things though.


    1. You mention zone 2 on the receiver, if you are intending using the Apple TV as an input for zone 2, check the receiver accepts digital audio as an input, many don't for zone 2.


    2. If your network works properly you shouldn't have a problem using a network drive to keep the original content, but this places twice the demand on a network, so lesser networks may struggle.


    3. By all means use Ethernet wherever it's practical, it's always best advised, but it shouldn't be necessary so don't put yourself out crawling under floorboards and the like unless you find you are having problems.

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    Wow!  Thanks for the quick reply!  Appreciate your thoughts on this.  I was going to use the Airplay that was built into the Denon as the source for the zone 2 output to the Nuvo house system.  I guess another question was if I'm sitting at my laptop, will I be able to choose which Airplay device to send music to?  Will I see the Denon Airplay and will I see each separate Apple TV device distinctly such that I could accurately choose which place I'm sending music to?


    The Apple TV will be hooked up through the Denon such that I can get surround sound when we play content.  My Nuvo only will accept left/right analog audio input.  The zone 2 output from the Denon is left/right analog output so that will be what I'll take advantage of for Denon Airplay to the Nuvo.  I really don't know if I could somehow use audio from an Apple TV to the Nuvo.  Will have to think on that one and read the Denon owner's manual....

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    Yes, you should be able to select each of the AirPlay devices either individually or collectively from iTunes on the computer.

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    One more thought that I've kicked around...  Instead of an Apple TV, what pros and cons would there be to a Mac mini as far as streaming internet content and music, etc.  Could also hook this up through my Denon.


    One of my concerns against this is controlling it remotely. Our kitchen area is a good 25-30 feet away from where this will be and not sure if we could do it that far away.  The other concern is ease of use for others in the family.  If there are lots of steps to take to play Netflix / Hulu content, then it's just not going to happen.  :-)


    Am interested in others thoughts on this:  Apple TV vs mini Mac in your audio system

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    The mini is far more powerful, but that's only of use if you have a use, if you are only going to use it to do the same thing then it's substantially more expensive and less intuitive to use than the Apple TV. I believe the remote will work equally as well over distance for either device.

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    Thanks!  The most important thing is ease of use. I can upgrade later to a Mac mini and sounds like the Apple TV will be a good starting point.  Thanks again!

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    Want to provide an update for my new system.  I have an older Nuvo Concerto that I installed in 2004 and now I have connected to it a Denon X2000 and an Apple TV.  I conncted the Apple TV to the Nuvo with the use of a Optical digital to analog audio converter box I bought from Radio shack.  The Zone 2 output from the Denon is also a source to the Nuvo and am able to choose the Denon airplay device as the source for that but can only make that choice through the Denon receiver.  Now I  am able to use both my first and second generation iPads to control either the Denon airplay or the Apple TV to stream music to different zones in my house while still being able to use the Denon in our mainroom to watch cable TV or another source besides the Apple TV.  The Nuvo pads in my rooms can only control volume when either the Apple TV or Denon Zone 2 output is chosen as the source and will use the iPad for all other controls.  So with a couple work arounds with the Nuvo and I'm able to make this all work fairly well.  I had to subscribe to the Apple Match program to have full accessibility to our music library to our iPads and consider that a small price to pay to more easliy listen to some John Coltrane from my iTunes library!  :-)  Appreciate all the help from the community.