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Hi There


My wife got a new iPhone today and when trying to set it up I get a message on the itunes account set up page saying that her email is already registered, however when I try to reset the password no email comes through.


Is there any way of deactivating or deleting an account in order to set it up again or is there any advice as to what to do in this instance?


Many Thanks in advance.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.4
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    First of all you don't want to create a new account (or delete one) for this issue.)



    When you attempt to reset your password by sending the email it will either go to the name of the account (email) If you don't want to answer security questions. If you have a rescue email address set up it will only go to the rescue email. Links below explain how to reset password and about Rescue Email






    If oyu're unable ot reset the password on your own you can speak with an AppleCare advisor on the phone. They need basic though sensitive informaiton over the phone. That's it! Number for AppleCare is below.





    Please let us know!