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Okay I'm having lots of trouble exporting a 1080p video in FCP7. I never have trouble with this and for some reason this happened tonight. My camera is a Canon XA10 recording 1080p. On the computeer, the AVCHD file is crystal clear. When I logged and transfered the AVCHD file into FCP it looks fine as well. however when I export the video using quicktime conversion, it exports blurry and disfigured. I tried playing with the sequence settings and found out that it wasn't set to 1080p. I changed it and it completely shrunk the video. Here's screenshots of my sequence and quicktime conversion export settings:



Any ideas? I normally shoot with tape cameras and this AVCHD structure is new so I never have had this problem. Points to answer that solves my question. Thanks!

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    Create a new sequence.


    Drag or edit one of your camera source clips to the new (empty) timeline.


    You should be prompted to match the sequence settings to the properties of the source clip. Say yes.

    Now delete the clip you just placed on your new timeline.


    Return to the timeline that has your edited sequence.

    Click anywhere in the timeline, and then type Command + A to select all the clips, then Command + C to copy them.


    Now switch to your new (empty) timeline and click anywhere on it.

    Type Command + V to paste in your edit.


    If the video that is pasted into your new timeline looks incorrectly sized or distorted, click on any one of the clips in the timeline to select it.


    Type Command + A to select all the clips.


    On any one of the selected clips, Control-Click on the clip and from the drop down menu choose Remove Attributes.


    When the Remove Attributes Pane opens, check the box for Basic Motion and the box for Distort (if they are not grayed out) and then click OK.



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    Okay that sorta solved my problem. It isn't tiny anymore but it did change it slightly. Here's the original vs. the exort:


    Anything I;m still missing?

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    Click on a source clip in the FCP Browser and type Command + 9 to see the item properties for the source clip. Either report those properties, or take a screen shot and post that screen shot of the item properties here.


    Next click anywhere on the timelne and type Command + 0 {zero} to see your Sequence Settings. Either report those Sequence Settings or take a screen shot of the Sequence Settings and post that screen shot here.