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I recently upgraded to Final Cut Pro 10.1. I did not specifically backup projects nor events before doing so as, after the update, I assumed everything would work. I have plenty of backups of these files anyway on hard discs. If a program is offered on the App store – particularly if it is an Apple app – one takes it for granted,  naively perhaps, it will work.


I now notice that there are things called Libraries and have read about them. Of the Events previously showing in FCP 10.0, the unedited raw clips are all there in Libraries but the only Project present is the one I am working on, which was the one I was engaged in when I upgraded. Libraries is a single container for both Projects and Events, which is a good idea - if it works. No other Projects were updated when I first ran 10.1 (I can’t remember if I was asked to update them when I first opened the product, as I am when Lightroom is updated. I updated some weeks ago and have been away since.)


Anyhow, I have located the old FCP 10.0 Projects and Events files in Movies (CurrentVersion.fcpproject) on my internal hard disc but can’t update from within FCP 10.1 as their location is greyed out in Finder (or Grayed if you reading this in the US) for some reason.  It seems that 10.1 can’t recognise the old Projects as Projects.


Now I have restored all the old Projects files from a backup done the day before the upgrade (not the FCP backup but my Time Machine backup of that day) so they are as they were before 10.1 was installed. But the location of these files is also greyed out. However, now in two of the seven Libraries involved, it looks as if editing information – yellow in and out indications - is now included in the Event but there is no accompanying Project so it can’t be reloaded. I see others have had various problems with Events and Projects since upgrading. Anyone have any ideas/solutions?