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hi. This morning I started downloading two films to my iPad. 12 hours later and they still haven't downloaded. it just says 'Processing' on both. How long do I have to wait? Or is this a sign that there is a problem. Please help! Thanks.

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    Hey phill1612,


    I understand that you're encountering issues when attempting to download two movies you purchased from the iTunes Store. I would try out the following steps:

    If your download was interrupted using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch


    1. From the Home screen, tap the iTunes app.
    2. For iPhone or iPod touch, tap More > Downloads. For iPad, tap Downloads.
    3. Enter your account name and password if prompted.
    4. Tap the blue download arrow to resume.


    If you can't complete the download on your iOS device, you can download it in iTunes on your Mac or PC and then sync it to your iOS device. You can also transfer purchases from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer.


    If these steps didn't work for you, try the following steps to resolve issue.

    1. Restart your iOS device or computer.
    2. If using Wi-Fi for Internet access, try using a different Wi-Fi network when downloading. If you are connecting to a home network, try restarting your Wi-Fi router. Also, check for and install any firmware updates for your Wi-Fi router. (Refer to the manufacturer's website for your router to get information on updating its firmware.)


    from: iTunes: How to resume interrupted iTunes Store downloads



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