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OS 10.4 install disk freezes. I had a problem with AppleWorks 6.2.9 not launching. It had been working in my 2-week old 20" iMac Intel Duo updated to 10.4.7. (Restarting solved that problem.) But I wanted to run disk repair from the install disk. After restarted from the disk (holding down C), it was mostly frozen, language selectons, etc. in first window. I was able to launch disk utilities from the menu bar. When I selected HD the selection only showed as a dim gray bar, not blue, and clicking repair was inoperative. This was pretty much the story for the other options: nothing worked including restart, start-up disk and cancel. I could launch the windows but not use or close them. I could not shut down with the power button. In the end the only way I could shut down was to pull the plug. The install disk looks fine. I tried the hardware test feature(restarting holding down D) and a small crude computer and chip display came up with a language choice menu, no menu bar at the top, all choices inoperable. I was able to shut down this time with the power button. I tried for disk repair again, restarting again holding down C, and this time there was not even a menu bar display at the top, just the language choice, inoperable. Power button inoperable. Pull plug to shut down. Permissions repair worked in disk utility in HD/Applications/Utilities.

There have been a number of quirks and problems in the two weeks I've had the computer. There were Mail and Calculator problems, fixed by deleting com.apple.LaunchServices-0140.csstore. At times aliases on the launch bar will launch the Applications folder rather than the application itself. There was a momentary problem with Drag Thing (4.5.2) launching and showing for a time only in dim outline (otherwise works fine).

Imac Intel Duo 20   Mac OS X (10.4.7)   2-weeks old
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    I talked to Apple Support today on this problem. They are replacing the install disk.
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    The problem was the mouse. When I unplugged it and substituted the mouse from my slot loading iMac function was restored. I could advance from the language screen and select disk and repair. The hardware tests could be perfomred after restarting with D depressed. I shifted back and forth between mice and the problem started again immediately the new mouse was connected, and function was immediately restored with the old mouse.
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    Actually the problem was not the mouse but how I was handling it. This was discovered after another lengthy work out with Apple Support. (TG for Support!)In the install and test modes the right sensor is not active once the disc is mounted. The left front of the mouse is active. The sides in the front are referred to as buttons. . . . An earlier article may be of interest, ID: 302516, October 07, 2005: "iMac G5 (iSight): Mighty Mouse right button doesn't work when installing Mac OS X." I would say this is solved then, except I have a niggling worry why I seem to be the only one experiencing the problem? Be that as it may, it is solved for my computer: when install is booted only the left "button" is active; the right will produce erratic or no result.