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I recently opened my system preferences and found that the speech icon (between the software update and startup disc icons) had been replaced by some other icon that looks like a lightswitch. I was wondering if there's anyway to get the icon I had back.



Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.7)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Quit System Preferences if it's running and trash the following files:


    Then log out/in or restart and check System Preferences for proper functionality. Let us know what happens.

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    Ferd ll,

    I had the same phenomenon: an outsized lightswitch suddenly replacing the 'sharing' icon in system prefs.

    I saw a post recommending trashing just the last of the three files you suggest, and it worked (com.apple.preferencepanes.cache).

    But, being a nervous newbie I became afraid I might be messing something up by deleting a file of whose function I'm ignorant, and so I moved it back to Caches from the Trash, only to have a dialogue tell me a newer version of the same file exists there, and do I want to replace it with the old (the one I'm moving back.)

    I'm confused. Did the OS create a new, uncorrupted version of the file when I trashed it?

    And, is it really safe to delete the original (my nerves whisper it must be there for a purpose.)

    Thanks for your insight...
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    Did the OS create a new, uncorrupted version of the file when I trashed it?...Yes, a new file was created and the old corrupt file(s) should go to the trash and be summarily deleted.

    Once a cache file has been identified as corrupt, it can safely be trashed. Fear not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trashing/deleting the orginal.

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    The wonders of Mac.

    Thanks much.
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    Praise the lord for this thread. My systum prefrences paine kept shutting down on its own. blocking me out. trashed the 3 files listed above and the itunes slideshow thingy and all working again. GENIUSES! Thank you!
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Glad to hear that you found an answer to your problem.

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    Thanks Ferd II!
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