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I'm converting .mov files to .flv & I don't seem to be able to view them. For example: if I right-click on a flash video file & select "get info." the info. window opens up & gives me the usual info. such as file name, size, type (which is Flash Video File)..and so on. However further down on that window where the "preview" is, it only shows Quicktime which obviously cannot preview Flash files. Now, there is an "other" option that asks you to select an application. But I can't seem to find Flash player anywhere. I know this a goofy question but I'm stuck. Please help. Thanks.

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    QuickTime Player 7 can view flash formats with the help of Perian. A free add on from http://perian.org.

    The easiest way to preview a flash file is to drag and drop it on an empty browser window.

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    Great to hear from you QTK. You've helped me several times in the past. Last time I believe you were in TX.

    Anyway, I've decided to convert .mov's to .flv's because from time time I get a message from viewers saying they can't view my iMovie files. I've downloaded VLC media player with which I can view my converted .flv files no problem but when I upload them Safari gives me a "missing plug-in" error message & directs me to download Flash Player but I aleady have it & can view Youtube & other Flash videos.

    Can't figure out if the problem is with my Safari or my converted files. Coiuld you kindly try the link below. If you see it it would mean my conversion is OK & the problem is with Safari. If you don't, them something is wrong with my converted files. This will narrow it down for me. Thanks so much.


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    It's your page code.

    You used the code for QuickTime playback instead of that used by flash. The location is everything in between the object tags.