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I have ML/iWork 09 and I am installing Mavericks.  What's the best way to keep files associated with iWork 09?


The apps are in the /Applications/iWork09 so hopefully Mavericks will not overwrite them.  My plan is to either


1. After installing Mavericks, go to a pages file and enter the full path to iWork09/ plus "change all"


2. Rename iWork09/ -> iWork09/ and repeat 1.


I had similar problems with iLife when upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion (if I remeber correctly).  Turned out iPhoto09 and iPhoto11 easily coexisted but not the iMovies.  I could never use iMovie09 again. That's because of some details (app sigantures of imovie apps were identical I think).


Back to the new iWork, any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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