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Hi, I'm a fairly new Aperture user and have just started storing my photos on an external hard drive. An error message appeared when I was relocating originals of a project. It stopped relocating at one image, saying that the jpeg file did not exist. I found the raw file name under the new project folder that I was relocating it to, but it's jpeg pair did not move. The file names look identical except one ends in .JPG and the other as .NEF. I tried to combine originals, but I got the same error message and when I looked at the files the raw now had (1) attached to it, whereas the jped didn't. The Aperture window started to close unexpectedly many times. I tried Repair Permissions and Repair Database and that seemed to stop Aperture from closing unexpectedly, but the raw and jpeg  pair are still in separate folders. How can I get them paired up again or does it matter? I'm using Mac OS X and Aperture version 3.4.5.




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