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mdkarns Level 1 Level 1

When I open the preloaded maps app is a actual map to show. Blue Dot will show up but the background is just a gray and white grid.  In settings I have location services on and I have all the data selected.

Please help. This is why I bought the iPad mini. For maps...

iPad mini (Retina) Wi-Fi, Cellular, iOS 7.0.4
  • JimHdk Level 7 Level 7

    Are you connected to the internet through WiFi or a cellular data connection?


    The data to draw a map must be downloaded over the internet.

  • markatos Level 1 Level 1

    Same deal here and yes I'm connected to the internet!


    Changing any setting both with app and in settings for app is useless.


    This is effecting trulia app as well

  • havensb Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem, hybrid mode and satellite mode work, but regular view (the one all the other programs use) just shows the grid unless I zoom way out and then I can see the whole map except the big rectangle containing all of north america - that is still just a grid.