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Jadebig Level 1 Level 1

my apple wireless keyboard was working fine on bootcamp windows 7 but it just stopped one day and i have no idea why it still works on my mac but it wont work on windows please help

  • Jestyn Level 1 Level 1

    Not sure if this helps, but is it a pairing issue?  (i.e. if you go and look at Control panel -> devices and printers does it show up properly)


    If not, try this, which I read somewhere and worked for me


    a) log in to os x

    b) rename the wireless keyboard, in the bluetooth section in system preferences

    c) then un pair it with the mac

    d) then reboot in windows and try to pair it


    Windows seems to work better if you pair them for the "first time"...


    Of course, this assumes that you have / can borrow a wired keyboard to operate the machine with while your wireless one is unpaired.