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My Apple T.V. is conneted with wifi already but my iphone 5 and ipad cannot see airplay ? I have check the connections and settings, even followed the instruction to trobleshoot, but still in vain .... Been with Apple store and they advice me 1st to update all three products IOS. still same result. Then restore to original factory settings, again same result.  My friend bought an apple t.v. and instanlly upon connection with his wifi  he use airplay and mirroring by his iphone and ipadmini. I tried my phone and it also works , but in my house no ... Why oh why .... man been prustrating .....

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    Did you turn off ATV by unplugging the power cable, Turn off wireless router for 30 seconds and power back up.

    Once wireless router is up and going (usually 2 minutes) plug ATV back in and try.


    Seems to me that its your wireless router.

    If your friend is willing... how about they bring their ATV and connect it to see if Airplay is available.

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    Thanks for the help i tried it also but still the airplay is not detected . But itsalready has wifi means i can regularly browse from the menu . Airplay is the problem .

  • rvaro2 Level 2 (310 points)

    On the iPhone try a hard reset... press and hold home and power button.

    Turn on device after and try again.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    Everything described indicates a network problem.

    Are the ATV and other devices connected to the same network?


    What brand and model router are you using?

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    Yes the ATV is connected to my wifi same as my iphone , ipad 2 i did not open my laptop to see if i can connect to airplay via the two said apple products . But i can navigate to ATV on its menu and if i open my laptop it Airplay works with movies , music , photos etc. Only in mirroring and using iphone and ipad 2 cannot be done...

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    Done it same old results man.... thanks anyway ....

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    Bohn of Torino wrote:


    But i can navigate to ATV on its menu and if i open my laptop it Airplay works with movies , music , photos etc.

    Navigating from the ATV menu is not AirPlay.  That is HomeSharing.  Minor detail but best to be explicit and accurrate.


    Again, this all points to a network issue.

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    Thus this means i need to change my router modem ?

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    It means, troubleshoot the network issue.

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    I check the router, dsl and channel . They are all in same figures of settings .

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    Hi Bohn


    I had the same problem - luv my ipad mini and had heard great things about Apple TV

    Guess what I could not get Airplay to work, or even see the Airplay icon on my Ipad


    Scrolled thru some forum sites and found a supposed fix


    Given that you are all connected on the same network, on the ipad - go settings, general, international (language)

    Change the language to say French, or any other - allow the ipad to complete the language change. Then, go back to settings, general, international and change back to original language (mine is english). Once the the change has

    completed - hey presto - you should see the AirPlay icon on the control section of the ipad.

    I know it sounds daft, but this really worked for me and once you have done this, access through Airplay will work, even if you reboot the Ipad mini


    Good luck


    Let me know how you get on



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    tried your suggestion but still in vain man . thanks

  • diesel vdub Level 7 (21,995 points)

    That's nice.

    Now, troubleshoot the network issue, merely checking the settings is not troubleshooting the problem.

    Power cycle the devices.

    Confirm they are set correctly, not just that they match one another.  There is little if any information in those devices that needs/should match anyways.


    If you are unfamiliar with how to troubleshoot network issues, find someone that does and have them look at the issue.

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    Finally !!!! I change my modem router and was resolve .!!! Hurraaaahhh !!!!! Dont know why, but my modem is perfectly working in any devices connected to it . Only problem is the airplay dont work. I change it from netgear to dlink and presto !!!  Airplay appeared . woooooaaaahhhh so stressfull to fix it ... Any way thanks to all who commented and tried to help . Hope this forum can also solve others same situation ... God bless ....