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I have an iMac 27", Late 2009; 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB 1067 MHz 1067 DDR3 RAM, ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB and OS X 10.9.1 (13B42).


Since upgrading to Maverick, I have to use Force Quit on Restart or Shutdown to quit Mail Version 7.1 (1827).  Mail is the only program that has to use Froce Quit. I normally Quit a program after I finish using it but with Maverick it doesn't happen after using Mail.


Is there some place in Mail I can change this?


Thank you



iMac, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1), also have VMware Fusion 5.0
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    Please follow these directions to delete the Mail "sandbox" folders. In OS X 10.9 there are two sandboxes, while in 10.8 there is only one. If you're running a version older than 10.8, this comment isn't applicable.

    Back up all data.

    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:


    Right-click or control-click the highlighted line and select

    Services Reveal

    from the contextual menu.* A Finder window should open with a folder named "com.apple.mail" selected. If it does, move the selected foldernot just its contents — to the Desktop. Leave the Finder window open for now.

    Log out and log back in. Launch Mail and test. If the problem is resolved, you may have to recreate some of your Mail settings. You can then delete the folder you moved and close the Finder window. If you still have the problem, quit Mail again and put the folder back where it was, overwriting the one that may have been created in its place. Repeat with this line:



    Caution: If you change any of the contents of the sandbox, but leave the folder itself in place, Mail may crash or not launch at all. Deleting the whole sandbox will cause it to be rebuilt automatically.

    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination  command-C. In the Finder, select

    Go Go to Folder...

    from the menu bar, paste into the box that opens (command-V). You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.

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    I followed your instructions.  I no longer have the problem with having to "Force Quit" Mail to shut down. I now have a problem with replying or forwarding a message. When I reply or forward, it sends a duplicate of the origional message.


    I have tried coping and cut and paste to a new message and it still sends 2 copies of the origional message. 


    Not being and expert at this, I'm confused as to why this is happening but glad I got the Quit/Shutdown problem solved.  I had to add most of my icons back but that was no problem. 


    Any ideas or suggestions on how to keep from sending the origional message when forwarding it? 

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    Is that new since you deleted the sandbox folders?

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    That happened after and since I deleted the sandbox folders...


    I have no clue as to how to stop forwarding a message as it has all the header and addresses on the origional. each message is numbered in the upper right side and if I try sending them again they just keep adding to the next message. I have tested this by forwarding them to myself after I noticed that the sent messages showed the orgional message too.  

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    Do you have more than one mail account, and if so, are all accounts affected, or only one?

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    I have an iClound account using the same email address.  It is not affected like the Mail account.  I prefer the Mail account. 

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    I prefer the Mail account.


    Do you mean Gmail?

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    No Gmail.  Don't know what that is.  I use Apple Mail, Version 7.1 (1827).