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I've owned the aftermarket cable for a year and have used it with my MacBook Pro ever since. Whenever I plug it into my laptop it does warn me that it's using too much power but I ignore this because it's been happening ever since I started using it and have had no problems. 2 hours ago I plug the aftermarket cable into my laptop and then plug my phone into the cable and then my laptop turns off. I tried turning it back on but nothing happened. My laptop was plugged into my wall charger and the usually orange or green light has turned into a very dim flashing orange light. Don't know what to do! I've read on other forums that I need to open up the back of my laptop and do something with the battery but I wouldn't have a clue how to do that. Might go into an apple store and see if they can do something? I don't know! Has anyone solved this problem before and how? I would like to avoid using money to fix it. Yes I know I shouldn't use those aftermarket cables, I've definitely learnt my lesson now

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    The "do something with the battery" you're referring to would be to unplug it for a minute. You can go to ifixit.com and get detailed instructions on how to do it for your model. The other thing I'd suggest, though I'm not sure it'll work with your machine in this condition, is to reset the SMC. You can try.




    If your MPB is a 2009 or later, follow the "for a battery you should not remove" instructions.

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    No people on other forums were saying to open up the back of the laptop and remove the battery at the back and do something else

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    If you want to do the battery thing, I gave you the link to get instructions on how.


    The SMC reset was another thing you can try. They're two different things.

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    I ended up visiting the apple store and they took it to the back and did something with it, not sure what, but I had it back in 5 minutes and it looked like nothing had happened to it. Just some advice for people who end up with the same problem! Don't use the after market cables  and just go to the apple store genius bar if you do and it shuts down your laptop