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I am having a problem with the latest version of Quicktime for Windows. When I launch Quicktime and then 'click' on any icon for download I can see the sentence, "Connecting to iTunes" and then I am redirected to download iTunes... Problem is that I already have iTunes.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 and up to date.

iTunes version

Quicktime version


I Unibstalled both products, using the guide provided from Apple. I, then downloaded and installed iTunes first, then I downloaded Quicktime and installed it. I had the same issue. Next, I went to Control Panel/ "programs and Features, used the "change" option and clicked "repair". I did this for both iTunes and Quicktime. They ran fine. No error messages, nothing in event logs, no trace of an install log to try to diagnose this myself. Does anyone have this problem, or can anyone help me to start the diagnosis necessary to solve this?


Second issue came to light after all of the steps I performed; Before, I would conect my iPhone to a USB port and iTunes would launch automatically. Now, it does not. I see my 4s in devices and I see a normal state using device manager. So, I went to "Default Programs" and selected my 4s and the dropdown window no longer has an option for iTunes. However, when I go to choose a default program for audeo, etc. the dropdown mwnu has an option for iTunes.


Thanks for reading and I would like some help.


Doug Shreve

iTunes & Quicktime for Windows, iOS 7.0.4