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Hello dear support community,


I give up!!


I have searched now for quite a while all the German and English language support communities and boards to find a solution for my problem, but all I found was that "Mavericks utilizes RAM highly efficiently".... well.... in my case it doesn't.


I installes OS X Mavericks when it was released via the Appstore and I had Lion and Mountain Lion "under it". Everything seemed fine at the beginning, but then it started happening that all open Apps were on halt/pause and the system didn't respond any further. I have 12GB of RAM installed and 11,99 GB of it are used. Sometimes I still have the chance to kill the SystemUIServer process which seems to grab all that RAM, mostly all I can do is to brutally hut down the system by pushing the power button long enough.....


I really wanted to avoid it, but I decided to cleanly install Mavericks again because efficiently working with this machine is no longer possible. So I installed Maverics from the scratch and from my Time Machine backup i manually got my Documents, Music, Videos and Photos... no Library, no preferences nothing. All the rest of the Apps got a completely new install. I didn't want to migrate the problem.


Well... here I am... the same problem occurs again on a daily basis. Please..... does anyone know what to do? Is there any chance of fixing my computer? The hardware seems to be perfectly fine....(I hope so.... 3 new panels and 2 new Superdrives.... and the last superdrive doesn't work anymore but Apple refused to repair it) .... so it should be a software problem since it started only after the installation of Mavericks.



iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)
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