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Hi, I have a 7 minute slideshow in iPhoto that we are trying to export to 1080p video.  Every time we do it, at the 1 minute mark, the music continues but all we see is the main picture we use for the slideshow.  While it's exporting, I watch and each photo is being exported as if it's going to work, but then when I view the actual video, it stops at the 1:00 minute mark and that one slide/photo is all that we see for the remaining 6 minutes.  I've tried moving photos around, thinking somehow there's a bad photo and it's sticking on it, but nothing changes.  At the 1 minute mark, it just goes back to that main slide/photo.


I initially exported it at 480p, and I think it completely worked at that resolution.  But I can't use it at that size, so I deleted it.  Any ideas on what I can do?


We're using a new Mac Pro for this.