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Hay there... I have read a few of these postings, but no answer as of yet.


I have AppleTV (model MD199LL/A) and I use it to play music on my stereo via AirPlay.


I usually listen to music from iTunes.


I am usually am sending the iTunes music from my MacBook Pro (Mid 2009 using OSX 10.9.1), iPhone4 or iPadAir (model MD789LL/A). All of my devices are runnign the newest softwear as per the updater.


The AppleTV is hardwired (Network cabled) into the WiFi router.


My issue is that when I am listening to iTunes, the AirPlay will drop.          

It drops alot. Sometimes after a song. Sometimes in the middle of a song. Sometimes after 5 songs... but it ALWAYS drops, and it is ALWAYS with iTunes.


I do NOT have this problem when listening to Pandora, or Internet Radio (I have not tried with Apples radio).


Strange that Apple softwear on apple devices has issues - this is what Apple prides themself on.


Another fact is that this did not ever happen before the AppleTV upgrade in about Septemebr '13 - which leads me to believe that this has something to do with the upgrade.


I do not think this is a WiFi issue- it only happens with iTunes. Not other music.


I have kept my mouth shut - Apple usually fixes these type of things... but alas nothing.


I listen to music all day as I work from my home office. And although internet Radio is nifty- I would like to be able to sit down and listen to one of the hundreds of albums that I have purchased. But nope, I have to listen to radio.


This is only related to AirPlay and the AppleTV - When I take my music with me, skiing, running or in my car- it plays perfectly through the speakers or through anyother conection.


The only way to make iTunes play complete albums is to press "play" multiple times, or sometimes, turn the WiFi off on my device, and then turn it back on so that Apple Tv finds it... but then the next song ( or sometimes 15 seconds later) it happens again.


If this is a network issue, or a ROuter issue... why is it only with iTunes that I have this problem?


Anyone experience this? Any way to fix it. Please help. I am getting very frustrated.

AppleTV 2, OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)