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Hi there!


iMovie '09 was running fine a few days ago until who knows what happened. Suddenly, each time I open iMovie I immediately cannot open anything when I click on things - ex. Project Library/the scroll icon/etc. The project I'm working on is still in iMovie, and I can see it play in the preview screen on the right hand side. The problem is, I can't see any of the clips I have on the left. They seem to be invisible, but when I pan over the editing area (left hand side) I can see the clips playing in the preview screen. I literally have no idea what happened. I can't edit anything and I can't seem to fix the problem. I can't access anything - can't edit, can't scroll to find the video I want.


So far I have done these things to try and fix the problem:

+Deleted the iMovie and iPhoto preference files: Library > Preferences > com.apple.imovie.plist

+Reboot my computer and reloaded iPhoto and iMovie

+Gone into Disk Utility and ran the Repair Disk Permissions

+Done force quit so many times

+Tried running iMovie without any others apps open


I'm hoping someone out there has a few tricks up their sleeve to help with this problem. Additionally, I've seemed to have run into the problem of not being able to play any of the cutaways I have in the video except for the FIRST one. When the video plays and pans over the next cutaway, the video freezes until the cutaway ends and proceeds to play the rest of the video.


So, anyone out there know how to help a gal out??



iMovie '08, iOS 7.0.4