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backing up on time capsule and doesn't work, no error readings , no date of backup listed so it doesn't seem to back up and new external drive doesn't back up either, any suggestions? trying to back up so I can have the battery replaced, thanks,

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Is the externally enclosed hard disk drive, formatted for use with Mac OS X?

    Not sure about the Time Capule unit...


    •Backing up with AirPort Time Capsule for the first time:



    How about that Time Machine...?


    •Mac Basics: Time Machine backs up your Mac



    How do you have Time Machine software set?


    •Apple - Support - Time Machine:



    Have you tried making copies or clones of your system in

    an external HDD without time machine or time capsule?

    You could use CarbonCopyCloner, if your external is big.


    What computer do you have, that needs a battery replaced?

    Some portables with a 'pram' type battery, and desktops.

    And some certainly do not encourage user take-apart.


    Could be a few backup ideas in links.

    Good luck & happy computing!