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I have been trying to submit my podcast feed to the itunes store since monday and every time I get a message saying there is a technical issue and please try again later.


I sent an email off to apple to find out about this and options offered in the reply haven't worked either! I have had the podcast on itunes before but the site I was hosting it at back in the day (Mevio) decided to remove everything on its site, hence my original feed sat doing nothing and was then removed from the iTunes store, I have recently found a site that offered everything I was looking for ( and signed up.


I posted my first show on Monday but now I have the issue of iTunes constantly telling me there is a Technical Issue and to try again later which I have repeatedly.


I even tried running my feed through feedburner and still nothing, I have changed the title of both the podcast and the show name like was suggested in the email from apple and still it wouldn't take. Its starting to get on my nerves now since I want to get my podcast back on iTunes.


Can anyone offer up any advice or suggestions on how I can sort this out!?

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