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     I am new at using Color in my editing projects and had some questions about the proper workflow. I have FCP7 and Color 1.5.3.



          1) My project is almost finished, but I may have a few small tweaks to do. Should I wait until I am done with these to color edit? Or can I color edit them, send them back to Final Cut and then if I see anything I need to fix, fix it right there in FCP? I would prefer moving forward with the color editing but don't want to loose all of it is I have to fix anything.


          2) When the sequences are done being color edited, what is the best way to get them back in FCP? Is there a way to put them back in their original sequences?


Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. God bless your day!

Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    1) Color correction, especially when done with separate application from the NLE, should be done AFTER picture lock. There are some measures if there are tweaks after, but they aren't 100%. Always wait to color correct until after you have picture lock. But you can render out of Color, media with handles, so you can do minor tweaks. And if you add new shots, make those into separate projects, send them to Color, grade, and send back.


    2) You need to either read the manual, or look for a tutorial on Color. It goes through all the steps. Send to Color...grade in Color...render...then SEND TO FCP. That'll send a new sequence to FCP.  Not a rendered out QT file...the full sequence.