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Jimmer on the mac Level 1 (10 points)

My girlfriend sent me a Google calendar .ics to her work appointments and I imported it into iCal. I accidentally imported it in to my personal calendar and I now get a reccurring error message for every event she has ever entered! That's going back years. It says "The event “........” was rejected by “iCloud” because it already exists."


It doesn't let me do anything other than click ignore because another message pops up immediately for another event as soon as i click it. iCal is now rendered useless. In the end I resorted to exporting my Personal calendar as a backup and deleting it. I then reimported the backup file but as soon as I did that I get the same error message for every entry I have ever made, going back 10 years or so...!


I have no idea what to do and it seems I'm about to lose my entire calendar history due to one stupid looping error.


Any ideas?