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  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,604 points)

    Reboot the computer. Press the Windows Logo Key and R at the same time. Type in services.msc and press enter. Locate the service and halt it, then try the uninstall phase again.


    See also this post as it appears that the order in which components are removed affects the ease with which it is accomplished.



  • health06 Level 1 (0 points)

    I cannot thank you enough.  If you follow otacon72 's instructions , just as they are you will have your itunes restored and will not lose music or playlists.  I was worried about losing my playlists and Apple Support told me that I definetly needed to wipe out everything and I would lose my playlists.  I am so thankful for otacon72.  I have been struggling with this all morning.  Thank you Thank you!

  • emoush Level 1 (0 points)

    Right after I wrote that, I went back and gave it one more try.   No change.  Frustrated, I did exactly what they told you.   Ignored AMDS, rebooted and reinstalled from the website and thar she is!

  • dennyz69 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey, even after restoring the computer I followed otacon72 instructions and it still worked!!! I was a little nervous since I had already restored, but everything is there, intack and up to date, as far as I can tell!! Thank you!!

  • toonz Level 7 (22,360 points)

    Good morning,


    I had a couple questions about your iTunes install problem.


    1. What version of Windows are you running?

    2. What version of iTunes did you upgrade from? i.e. what was the previous version of iTunes before you tried to install iTunes 11.1.4?

    3. What are your UAC settings? (Windows control panels -> User Accounts -> Change User Account Control Settings. It should be a slider with 4 settings.)



  • rvcorler Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Otacon72: it's worked perfectly. I un-installed all the Apple stuff as you showed us. everything went well except: un-installing: Apple Mobile Device Support. In my case the Apple Mobile Device Support service was stopped but not uninstalled. Still I downloaded the new/fresh Itunes version and installed it. without rebooting or whatever other problems everything is up and runnning :-)

  • allen_9455 Level 1 (0 points)

    This solved my question.

  • ddcknitt Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you, this seemed to have worked for me. I was so frustrated and am not that computer savy so this step by step was a life saver. Very disappointed in apple.

  • goodbadapple Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue... and I do not want to uninstall itunes...  I have tons of music that I also imported into itunes from cds, and others that I found on internet and converted to itunes-compatible files, etc.; all this is in addition to the tons of music that I have purchased from itunes store.  Afaid that I will lose all the imported non-itunes stuff!


    Must be an apple update issue that apple should address asap.  I spent hours on this last night and today and just stumbled in here to see it is not an os issue apparently.  I can access the older version of itunes (just before this update version) because I restored my windows laptop to an earlier time.  In fact, I kept trying to do the itunes  update and then restored wndows over and over since last night to no avail.  I would prefer to wait for apple to provide an updte fix rather than delete and reinstall.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 (68,604 points)

    Your library is safe from the uninstall/reinstall process, but you ought to be routinely backing up anyway.



  • Soulcoma Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same issue and I followed the instructions about 7 times. Did Not Work. But I did solve it and maybe noone else will have this issue, but if it helps one person save 4 hours of their life than I think I should post it:

    Uninstall and Reboot all Apple Products as listed in other replies. But before the reboot, re-download and re-install, I had to go in to my Program Files-Common Files-Apple and delete the 3 folders in there. It had AMD info that doesn't get deleted even if you use REVO uninstaller and Scan for everything. I'm using Windows 7 Pro. Not sure why I had to remove those folders, but I did and then followed the directions and it worked fine. And the install built new folders in their place. Peace.

  • Fallsemester Level 1 (0 points)

    The only issue I had with my update is my webroot not recognizing the software of iTunes a prompt came up asking me I wanted to allow iTunes to work. The same thing happened when I plugged in my iPhone, I got the same prompt. I didn't however get that same prompt when I plugged in my iPod. I thought it was odd.


    But after that I didn't have the problem with iTunes opening.

  • toonz Level 7 (22,360 points)

    Interesting. Soulcoma, do you remember at all what the name of the directories were? -- Were they the IE plugin support directories or the Outlook support directories? Were you running IE and/or Outlook or another mail program when uninstalling the AMDS package?

  • sarahkitten Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same issue as well. It was when I chose to update the newest version. I always hold my breathe and cringe when it asks me to do this. I will say it is more comforting to know that it seems to be an Apple issue and not an issue with just my computer, but it is a pain when all I wanted to do was hop on for the 30 minutes of free time I had this afternoon, check my emails and listen to some music. Now it is one more problem to solve. Thanks for the tips, I tried uninstalling and reloading and it did not work. I will try again in hopes that possibly the first time I did it, I did not complete it correctly.

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    After the update my computer was asking for the same thing and I could not load or install ITUNES.

    I pretty much was scared to unistall it due to losing over 6,000 items and years of hard labor lol


    After hours of trouble shooting I did the same thing a few others did in this post and it worked.


    control pannel + remove whatever apple applications I could find from quicktime to mobile service to software update to application support and even itunes.


    I restarted the comp and installed itunes again from the main apple page. Good as new! All systems Go! I went ahead and installed quicktime again from its own website too...


    if a new update prompts me again to update a new version of itunes I will surely deny it for a few months until apple fixes the buggs because surely updates are vital to a forever changing program which are crucial for your devices to run smoothly. Just avoid a few updates but not all of them!

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