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My newly purchased MacBook Air (which I bought around 6 months ago but only started using 5 months ago) has devolved a number of problems out of mid air. It was working perfectly and it didn't show any signs of distress or damage. I can home last night and opened it and the fan started making a noise I've never heard before like air was blowing strongly out of it. And under the screen where the ventilation opening is on the left side I can feel air coming out. The fan has never made noises it was always quiet. Then I noticed the battery icon had an x through it and when I connect the laptop to the charger it won't charge, the charger won't even light up. Lastly the internet won't connect it won't even detect the wifi network. The warranty papers along with the receipt we're lost in the airport. But my laptop is registered with Apple care and the warranty lasts till June of 2016. I bought my laptop from Scotland and where I live now there is no apple store anywhere near there are only authorized resellers. I don't use my laptop for heavy work just to browse the internet  and things like that, again it's never been misused or shown any signs of malfunction it just stopped working suddenly. What do I do to get this fixed? and if I took it to an authorized reseller could they fix it for free since it is covered by the warranty? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am losing my mind here I was so happy to finally get a MacBook and now that it's broken I just don't know what to do. Thank you for any help.

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