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I just bought a new mac book pro...


I wanted to instal the in-app purchase loops package.


I bought it, My computer started to download than it asked my password to install and than NOTHING!!! I tried to "restore purchase" but same thing...No loops... Help..?




GarageBand (Mac) '11, iOS 7.0.4
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    Have you tried to do it as described here?


    Expanding GarageBand for Mac (v10.0) content with an in-app purchase


    Then try this trouble shooting and first accept the application:


    See:  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS5275



    When trying to make an in-app purchase from GarageBand for Mac (v10.0) you might be unable to complete the purchase. This can happen if you haven't accepted the app from the Mac App Store.



    To resolve the issue:

    1. Quit GarageBand.
    2. Open the Mac App Store.
    3. Sign in using the Apple ID you used to set up the computer.
    4. Click the Purchases tab.
    5. Click the Accept button next to GarageBand.
    6. Open GarageBand.

    You should now be able to make in-app purchases.


    -- Léonie

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    Hi Leonie,


    Well the purchase is made I paid for it, I downloaded and installed the loops but they don't appear anywhere. I tried "restore Purchase' many times (I guess around 15 times over the last 4 days) nothing happens.


    Here is the whole story I think it might help:


    I purchased a MacBook pro few weeks ago from applestore online. When it arrived it was working fine and I started uploading all my stuffs and I bought the in-app purchase in Garage Band. The second day, when I open my computer my screen started to have a defect. So I sent it back to apple and they sent me a new one.


    When I received this new one I tried to restore my purchase (with the same apple account) but impossible... I'm struggling with that since few days now. I'm even wondering if the content is not somewhere on my hard drive but doesn't show off.


    Thanks for the help,


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    I downloaded and installed the loops but they don't appear anywhere.


    Where are you looking for the loops? It is not easy to tell, if the in-app purchase has been installed.

    The in-app purchase will not be visible as an extra purchase. There will simply be more of everything. For example, when you add a drum track, there will be more drummers to pick from, like this: Do you have more than one drummer?

    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 08.30.13GMT+1.PNG

    If you do not see your new Loops in the Loops Browser, reindex them: There should be 2000 loops.

    Click the heading "Loops" aat the top pf the loops browser and select "Reindex Loops" at the bottom of the drop-down menu. That should take some time, but find all loops you have installed. On a small screen the loops may not show in the Toolbar. If the Loops Browser is not shown in the Toolbar, click the double ">>" to disclose the Loops menu.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 08.33.35GMT+1.PNG

    And you should see more Lessons at the Lesson Store.


    One more thing. There is a funny quirk at the appStore. To be able to make in-app purchases, you first need to make a regular purchase, buy a song from iTunes or somesthing. That will set up your account correctly.

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    hi Leonie,


    I only have 1081 loops. I already tried reindexing but nothing is happening.

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    Then you must have downloaded the loops and and other content, I think:


    It comes with the full set of features and a great set of starter content including 50 Sounds, 500 Loops, 1 Drummer, and 2 Basic Lessons for Guitar and Piano. With a one-time in-app purchase of $4.99, you can expand this content to 200 sounds, 2,000 loops, 15 Drummers, and 40 guitar and piano Basic Lessons. You will also gain the ability to purchase additional Artist Lessons.


    You are seeing more than the original 500.

    Have you set a filter on the Loop browser?

    For example, setting the "Loops" pop-up menu to a different value will exclude loops from being displayed. Or entering a search term in the search field. The signature of your project may exclude loops, also if the Loop Browser is set for a certain scale, major or minor and not to "Any"

    Disable "Keyword Browsing" in the GarageBand "Preferences > Loops" pane.

    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 18.49.58.png

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    Thanks a lot Leonie, since I had them... I had the "Filter for more relevant results" ON - so I couldn't see the loops.


    Now 2,000 loops. By the way you talk of 200 "sounds" where can I find those?



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    By the way you talk of 200 "sounds" where can I find those?

    That is what this document is promising:

         Expanding GarageBand for Mac (v10.0) content with an in-app purchase.

    I think, they mean the software instruments, that come with the in-app purchase. Have a look at the number of Instruments you are seeing in your Library in GarageBand. I cannot check this, because I have Logic and MainStage installed, and my Instrument library is already very large.


    Or count the Sampler Instruments installed in your System Library, in the folder:

    /Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/Sampler/Sampler Instruments/