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I've recently purchased my brand new Macbook Pro and I am really glad I went with the Pro. It's a great laptop.



I've come to a concern about how to properly charge my Macbook's computer to obtain the maxium battery life expectancy with

the best healthy methods to make sure I don't mess up my battery.

I have a Macbook Pro Late 2013 - Retina Display.



Im in college so I sometimes take it with me to school, I surf the web, youtube, play 1 online mutiplayer game, play music and also write documents and some powerpoints.



I would like to also know when to have it plugged in into an outlet and have it charge while in use and when not to have it plugged in.


Should I let it drain all the way down to 0%?

Charge it only at night?

When should I completely charge it to 100%

Do I keep it plugged in while playing my online game or working on school stuff?

When it is ok for me to unplug my laptop and use all the stuff I need to use it for?

Do I keep it plugged in all the time into an outplug?


If someone would just please take the time and just anwser this questions for me I would greatly appreciate it!

Take you for your time if you do.

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    You never want to run it down to 0 if you can help it. My advice would be to just use it normally. Run it on battery when you're at class or whatever and plug in and run off AC when you're home. I've been using my current MBP for 3 1/2 years this way and the battery is still fine.

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    The best practice is to only discharge the battery half way and then recharge..studies show that will give three to four times the life of a battery discharged to shutdown regularly.


    You can leave it plugged in since the charging circuit shutsdown when the battery is fully charged and then restarts when the charge level drops to 93-95% to top up the battery.  Take it off the charger at least monthly to exercise it and discharge half way.