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I recently had to restore my iPhone and all of a sudden all of my email folders from my MacBook Air are showing up on my iPhone.  I use Cox so the account automatically set up as an IMAP.  If I delete a folder on my iPhone, it deletes on my Mac too.  I want to keep my Mac the way it is, I think of it as my primary email, and want to simple be able to view and delete emails on my iPhone.  Basically, I can't stand the cluttered look of all the folders on my iPhone.  Can someone help me out or is this just a casualty of the new iOS system??

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    With the mail account set up as IMAP, the two devices are going to look the same. that is how IMAP works. The two devices stay in sync, when something happens to one, it happens to the other. You can just open the Inbox of the account if you just want to look at Inboxes, so you don't see the other folders.

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    I'm curious though why this (folder issue) just started?  I got my iPhone 4S during the summer and updated to the latest iOS when it was released....and I know my email was set up as IMAP prior to my rsetore today.

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    This is the way that IMAP has always worked. Mail is housed on the server and accessed by the mail clients. It is possible the mail set up the first time as POP, and that would allow what you are talking about, but not all mail can be set up that way. Also, I believe there has been a change as to how the iPhone mail client identifies the type of mail accounts. That is just an automatic way to identify the type of account.