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The last Final Cut Pro 10.1.1 probably doesn't need a video conversion, but I am not sure. This was necessary with previous versions of this software. I have a sony 4K fdr-ax1 and a tv 4K sony. The images 4k on the tv set after editing with Final Cut are not good.Shall I convert these XAVC s codec to pro res 422 ? I was working perfectly till a month ago with the HD 1920 x 1080 and since I decided to work with 4K......I don't sleep well do to complications of this Sony standard. Thank you to whom can give me some advices about this matter.

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    I'm not sure I can help - except by popping your query back to the top.

    Tried This or This ?


    Bon Champs...

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    i use mxf import plugin to do it.

    so I can choose whether to convert or just drag the clip to my timeline without convert.


    that's useful.


    I use fcpx10.0.9 and fcpx 10.1.1.

    there's a large amount of  4K 50p XAVC 30mins long clips in my project

    when I want to use all the clip, I just copy the clip from sxs+ card to the raid and drag it to my timeline

    when I only want to use the 10seconds of 30 minutes

    I use the fcpx to convert the clip

    that can save my disk space a lot

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    For Artofoe

    Which configuration of computer do you use ?  Mac Pro  or similar? And which camcorder to shoot the 4k video? Do you usually watch your edited video on a tv set or on the computer monitor? Thanks.

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    hi, mycapricorn.

    we use mac pro:

    2*3.06Ghz 6-core

    24GB DDR3

    1 5770 card or 1 K5000 card

    USB3.0&ESATA 6Gbps card for mac

    Promise 3TB*24 Raid for 1 mac pro

    Aja knoa 3G card


    Sony F55 to shoot.


    we use 4K 25P timeline to edit for more editing speed.

    Output 25p SDI signal to Sony HD monitor when editing.

    Sometimes check 4K 25p singal to Sony 4K monitor.

    For HD broadcast, we output 25i SDI signal to Sony HD monitor, first we will copy our finish timeline to 4K 50p, do some check on 4K monitors dragging pointer in timeline

    then copy the finish timeline to HD 25i render to HD25i.

    I've test the 50p to 50i interlaced render of FCPX for fast dancing clips, it's good.

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    Dear Artfoe

    thanks a lot for your immediate answer. As I could see you use all this equipment for professional use while I don't use it for a professional purpose. I bought the 4k sony camcorder fdr-ax1, the 4k Sony Tv and the new Mac Pro quad core last week. At the moment my desire is  to use this equipment to watch at the end of an editing process my video movies on my 4k TV connecting the Mac Pro via HDMI. But the results are not as I expected. Do you have any advice for me to use  at the best my equipment? Every thing now seems to be complicated because maybe the connection via HDMI is not the best solution. Do you think we have to wait for Sony or somebody else when will produce a 4K video recorder -just like the HD Models-? Sony will introduce in a few months to the world market a consumer 4k camcorder FDR-AX100. How they expect the consumers can edit the video clips considering the enormous number of data due to this 4k standard -for istance Sony Vaio i7 has the software Vegas Pro 12 but not " enough power" to deal with 4k- and how they can watch the video movie on a 4k TV? Who knows?

    Best regards from Italy.

    my capricorn