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Macbook pro late 2011 13' inches

OS X Maverics


When I'm trying to turn on my mac, there's a "loading line" in the down center side of a screen. For the first time it appearted it almost filled up and finished. But suddenly "loading circle" appeared and mac turned off. Now when I'm trying to turn it on, this "loading line" appears again but interuptes by the "loading circle" near the half of a full and mac turns off.

I have an idea that it could be somehow trying to install some updates or smth? I'm not sure. Unable to test it with charger cuz now it's broken. Help me if someone knows what's this.



loading circle looks like this http://ppt4web.ru/assets/1323ee25/img/loading.gif and

loading line http://petacamisetas.es/images/LOADING.jpg like this.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)