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For some weeks I am facing an issue connecting to my Time Capsule. My setup is:

  • Time Capsule 802.11ac 3TB (the most recent one), running 7.7.2 (latest firmware), setup with Back To My Mac
  • Mac Book Air 13" Late 2010, running Mavericks 10.9.1, Airport Utility 6.3.2, setup with Back to My Mac
  • iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4


Basically, I can't connect to the Time Capsule from my Mac Book Air:

  • Time Machine doesn't see it in the list of backup disks to choose from
  • Airport Utility on Mac Book Air doesn't find it
    • However, it is listed under "Other Wi-Fi Devices / Remote Base Stations", from there I can configure it (i think this is thanks to the Back To My Mac settings)
  • Finder shows it in the left pane, and can connect to it
  • AirPort Utility for iOS on my iPhone sees it fine and can configure it with no issue


What I could get to work:

  • Choose "configure other" in Airport Utility File Menu, type IP address and passwd of the Time Capsule, and Airport Utiliy can configure it (but it still not displayed in the main screen)
  • After doing this once, the TC became available in Time Machine (seems to work, first backup ongoing...)


I tried rebooting, removing .plist files, even did a fresh Mavericks install on my Mac Book Air, same issue.


Any suggestions ? Is this an issue with Airport Utility ?

OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)