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bear the dog Level 1 (0 points)

I upgraded latest Keynote version this morning. I can't open my old keynote file (5 years old) anymore. the pop up massage said that I have to open this file with Keynote 09. I can't re-install keynote09 anymore. What should I do?

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,818 points)

    Unless you have specifically deleted it yourself, Keynote 5 should still be installed on your

    Mac in: Applications > iWork 09.

  • FriscoAggie Level 1 (15 points)

    We had the same issue, error message stated that we needed to use iWorks 09. As Gary pointed out the old application is probably still in the Applications folder, ours was. We opened the file using v5.3, duplicated the file and saved it. After doing that we could open the duplicated file using v6.0. Have no idea why that is.

  • loot Level 1 (0 points)

    After 6.1 update we cant open any of our documents anymore!


    "You need a newer version of Keynote to open this presentation."

    (this is version 6.1 giving this error!!)

  • Marco de Boer [artmiks.nl] Level 1 (5 points)

    I like to keep my mac clean from old software and i have none older keynotes left. I've saved all my presentations since 2009 and i need to reassemble and reuse older presentations every now and then. Is there a way you can open your old presentations without using older keynote versions?

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,818 points)

    Keynote 6 should be able to open Keynote version 5 files, however this is not a good idea. Most users find that either the presentations are unable to be opened, or the presentation is altered; missing images and slides. Best practice just now is to use Keynote 5 ( part of iWork 09) to open any files created with that version. Hopefully a future version of Keynote will be able to open previous files without issue.


    If Keynote 5 is not installed, reinstall it using the original procedure using the DVD disc or Mac App Store.

  • WobWong Level 1 (0 points)

    Dump 6.0 it's rubbish and go back to 5.9, Apple have wrecked Keynote.

  • Marco de Boer [artmiks.nl] Level 1 (5 points)

    My kaynote 6.2 is not able to open any of my old keynotes. You mean, Apple forces me to keep old software in case an upgrade doesn't support older files?

  • Gary Scotland Level 6 (12,818 points)

    You mean, Apple forces me to keep old software in case an upgrade doesn't support older files?

    Apple does not force you to keep or remove any version of Keynote, you choose, to retain applications or remove them.

    If you want trouble free operation of Keynote 5 files, you would be best placed by using Keynote 5 to open, edit and play these files.