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I have some PDF files that display correctly on my Mac, with OSX Mavericks on Preview. However when I switch to my iPad, it seems as if the font is missing so the iPad replaces it with a really annoying font that is very hard to read, as there is almost no space between letters.


I have tried on iBooks with very bad results, and on Adobe Reader and Kindle with very slightly better results, but still far from acceptable.


Is there a way to do either one of these options:


1. Install missing font on iPad

2. Install app that contains the missing font

3. Have the replacement font be something different, I don't care if it's not the same, as long as the letters are separated and I can read.

4. Reformat the PDF so that it

     a. uses a different font

     b. embeds the font

     c. rasterizes everything so that the pdf is seen as a vector image

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 7.0.4