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I have google calendar as only available calendar on iPhone/IOS7. This same google calendar is attahced to the email address I have people send the invites to. I don't know what the origination calendar type is.


Why do some "mine-attachment.ics" invites allow for a "accept, decline, maybe" response at bottom of my iPhone screen, and some do not? This is very ackward - not being able to reply within the calendar "eco-system" of the invite, and having to email back an acceptance to the invite manually.


I stopped using my iCloud calendar because I thought it would not play with Outlook, or google origination invites. It appears the issue is deeper than this. I have gone to advanced settings for the google calendar and actived the the advanced S/MIME setting as suggested elsewhere. I don't know if this will make a difference as I have not recieved any invites since activating this setting.


Can someone, simply, explain why such basic functionality as accepting a calendar invite on iPhone in IOS 7 is **** complicated??????


Thank you.

iPhone 4, iOS 7.0.4