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I recently installed Maverick on my laptop and have been having trouble syncing my iphone calendars with my laptop calendars, like I used to.


Like an idiot, and without any research, I joined iCloud thinking I could sync calendars this way. I didn't realize that it deleted my calendars off my laptop in creating my iCloud calendars. The syncing with my iphone still didn't work, and so again, like an idiot and without research, I deleted my iCloud account ot discover that all my calendars on my laptop are now gone.


My iphone still has the calendars on it, (albeit old and out of date), so is there a way to restore the deleted calendars back to my laptop from my iphone or from the backup on my laptop.?


Running Maverick on laptop and iTunes 11.1.3. iPhone is an older 3gs but fully updated running 6.1.3


Please help.



iPhone 3GS, iOS 6.1.3