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When I wake up mu imac it appears to be reloading my menu bar apps thereby causing slow startup.  My assumption is it should open up to the screen before it went to sleep with out restarting the menu bar apps.


I have 16gb of RAM so I have plenty of storage.  So I do not think this is an issue.


Your help would be appreciated.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), OS X Mavericks (10.9)
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    Is it possible that your compuer is actually restarting?

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    Given its behaviour you might be right.  So how to stop it from restarting from sleep.  Let me add that if I put to sleep and wake it up immediately there is no problem.  Seems to happen when it goes to sleep after specified time limit as defined in energy settings.  I have set energy settings to have display sleeps after 15 minutes and never put the computer to sleep.

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    Since getting Mavericks I have had the occasional, seemingly random restart when waking from sleep via closing the notebook's lid, always after a long time - I guess the Mac is in hibernation mode and somehow crashes when trying to wake back up again.  Maybe this is a bug in Mavericks. Maybe it's some third party software conflict. It's hard to tell since it doesn't happen to me that often.  In any case, there is this:


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