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Hi, so during my update for iTunes 11.1.4 something happened and it couldn't be installed completely. I uninstalled iTunes and its components and tried to reinstall but got an error.


I completely followed the following link:


I uninstalled all components and related programs, deleted all Apple files off my computer from both Program Files and Program Files (x86) and tried to reinstall iTunes. After that I noticed that there was a part in the installing where it said "Rolling Back Action". With further research I found out it was due to the Apple Mobile Device. So once iTunes installed it would run fine but if I connected my iPhone it would say that the software required is not installed and to reinstall itunes. So I did the following steps before and it always did not install the Apple Mobile Device Support.


After that I found more articles describing how to restart AMDS using:


And tried that but after the reinstalls it gives me another error because AMDS isn't even in the Common Files\Apple\ folder.


So I looked at more articles and found out that I could extract the installers separately through the itunes installer. I did that and got the AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi installer separately but it gave me another error and wouldn't let me install.


I will attach pictures of several of the errors to get a feel of what I've seen.


I have Windows 8, I have installed the LATEST version of iTunes (11.1.4 at the iTunes website), I restarted my computer several times during each uninstall and reinstall. I followed the articles before perfectly.


What could be the problem?

Windows 8
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