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I had an external FW drive connected to my Laptop and was working on some Photoshop stuff.


I have about 24 gigs of space left on my Laptop HD.  The FW drive had about 20+ gigs of material on it.


The drive kept unmounting and an alert told me to reformat the FW drive.  I took it to my iMac and backed it up and then reformatted and put the material back on it ... no problem so far.



I go back to my laptop and start working on the photoshop stuff again and all of a sudden I have 800megs left on my laptop HD.  I have NO idea how or where the space got taken up.


Maybe the contents of the FW drive got put into a cache somewhere?


I tried using CLEAN MY MAC but that didn't clean out any space.


Something happened and now my HD is almost full and i have NO idea what happened.


Anyone have ANY clue how to figure out how to find out where the space went or how to fix it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 2007 Model