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I've got iphone 5. And the problem is that the camera lens is missing from back. My phone is under warranty. Will it be replaced or what..plz tell me

iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4
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    I would assume so

    but this is a user helping user forum so non of us can give you any promises

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    I guess it would depend upon why it's missing and if your AppleCare is still active.


    If it is missing due to acciddental damage (drops, etc), then that would be considered an "Out Of Warranty" repair, and it would cost you about $269 USD (unless you have an active AppleCare+ where there are 2 "incidents" where you can get your phone replaced for $49).


    If it is due to manufacturing defect, then it would be covered under the 1 year Mfr Warranty, so if you have proof of purchase, or have it registered with Apple, then it should be covered for a free replacement as long as you are within 1 year of the device's purchase.

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    yeah its under warranty...